How to stop “Service Host: Local System” from eating away your Internet Data?


Service Host Local System: How to stop Service Host Local System from eating away your Internet Data?

Solutions to stop “Service Host Local System (network restricted)” from eating away your Internet Data:

Service Host Local System specifically consists of set of inbuilt task to be performed by windows PC automatically. And this causes problems for almost every windows user. Service Host Local System also consists of online tasks such as windows updates and firewall updates. You must have faced this problem due to this inbuilt task performed by your PC. Service Host Local System causes massive internet usage due to which you may not be able to browse webpages or watch online YouTube videos despite of your high speed internet. 

Whenever you will turn on your internet then Service Host Local System will begin its all online tasks and you won’t be able to browse on web. You can see from above screenshot Service Host Local System utilize 1.4Mbs speed. It will consume whole available bandwidth in windows and firewall updating and even you wont be able to browse a single webpage. You must have got what actually Service Host Local System does. Now question arise is How to stop Service Host Local System(network restricted) from using your internet?

You must tried the direct option of End Task from task manager. But as soon as you will click on End Task, then popup with warning message of It may Shutdown your window will appear.

So whats the actual solution to this data consuming shitty threat? Well we have got two solutions to apply. Solution 1 will work as instant solution but you need to apply it again whenever you face this issue and Solution 2 will work as permanent solution and it will never allow inbuilt services of your windows to give auto access to internet usage. But first you must apply solution 1 because it will also stop Service Host Local System from excess usage of CPU, Memory and Disk. Now lets begin with solutions.

Solution 1:

Stop Background Services in Windows

As we discuss earlier Service Host: Local Host consists of set of inbuilt tasks and background services is one of  them. You cannot directly End Task for Service Host Local System but stopping background services will stop the data usage by Service Host Local System.

How to Stop Background Services in Windows?

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Expand Service Host: Local System.Service Host Local System
  3. Right Click on Background Intelligent Transfer Service and click on Stop.
  4. Also Right Click on Delivery Optimisation and click on Stop.

This will immediately stop the data usage, memory usage and disk usage by Service Host Local System. Now again inbuilt processes won’t consume data usage but as I said this work as temporary solution. Once you restart your PC this might start consuming your data again. So now apply Solution 2 to permanently disable inbuilt features from using your internet data.

Solution 2:

Set Your Network on Meter Connection

Once you will set your network on meter connection then inbuilt features of your PC such as Service Host Local System won’t be able to use your internet data. Setting your network on Meter Connection won’t reduce your internet speed, it will just not allow your PC to consume internet data automatically. Option of Setting your internet connection on meter connection is only available on Windows 8 and Windows 10 only. Applying solution 1 wont solve this issue permanently but solution once you applied solution 2 and set your connection on meter connection then until and unless you connect with some new network Service Host Local System won’t be able to access your internet bandwidth.

How to Set your internet connection on Meter Connection:

  1. Click on Windows Button.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Open Network & Internet Settings.
  4. Now Click on Advanced Settings.
  5. Now toggle On the option of Meter Connection.

That’s It! Now your network is set to Meter Connection. Now Service Host Local System won’t be able to use internet connection and you will be able to use 100% of available bandwidth of your internet connection. Do share your views in comment section below, if above two solutions does solve the issue of Service Host Local System or not.

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