20 Best PutLocker Sites to Watch Movies Online


20 Best PutLocker Sites (RS / SK / AC / FM) to Watch Movies Online

If your ISP has blocked one PutLocker site, then go for another PutLocker site.

For Example: If PutLocker.rs is blocked in your country then go for PutLocker.sk or PutLocker.fm or PutLocker.ac

*Each PutLockers Site will be blocked after some days hence Bookmark this page if you want to refer to working Putlocker Sites in future to watch movies online.

PutLocker SitesLinks (You need to copy and paste the links)
PutLocker SKhttps://putlocker.sk
PutLocker RShttps://putlocker.rs
PutLocker TVhttps://putlockertv.se
PutLocker IShttps://putlocker.is
Putlocker Todayhttps://putlocker.today
PutLockers HDhttps://putlocker.co
Putlocker IOhttps://putlocker.io
Putlocker Apphttps://putlockerapp.com
Putlocker BZhttps://putlocker.bz
Putlocker UShttps://putlocker.us.com
Putlockers FMhttps://putlocker.fm
PutLockers AChttps://putlocker.ac
Putlockers Powerhttps://putlockersp.com

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These all sites are known as Putlocker Proxy Sites. Today we will discuss each PutLocker Proxy site in detail. These 20 Best Putlocker Proxy Sites are widely accessed across the globe to Stream Movies and TV Shows online. Putlocker Proxy Sites are also best sites to download and watch movies online, but after the Torentz Ban, PutLockers Sites were also victims.putlocker proxy

Putlocker’s main site was putlockers.fm but due to copyright infringement on Putlocker’s Servers, several countries blocked the whole Putlocker Network. But when one door is closed, don’t you know that many are open. Now there are currently two options available to access the Putlocker Site and that is Putlocker Proxy Sites or VPN.

VPN is best recommended to access any blocked sites but if you want to stream movies online then VPN may rude your experience because VPN reduces the internet connection speed. So Putlocker Proxy Sites are only available option. Putlocker Proxy Sites are clone of Putlocker main site, but are managed by the team of Putlocker members only hence you will get same Movies, TV Shows and Same Interface on Putlocker Proxy Sites. Now let’s move to the best working list of Putlocker Proxy Sites.

*Each PutLocker Proxy site will be blocked after some days hence Bookmark this page if you want to refer to working Putlocker Proxy Sites in future.

PutLocker Proxy SiteRatings out of 5
PutLocker SK4.85
PutLocker RS4.80
PutLocker TV4.70
PutLocker IS4.50
Putlocker Today4.45
PutLockers HD4.30
Putlocker IO3.90
Putlocker App3.75
Putlocker BZ3.50
Putlocker US3.50
Putlockers FM3.40
PutLockers AC3.25
Putlockers Power2.75

PutLocker SK

PutLocker SK is one of the best Putlocker Proxy Site. You can download all movies from Putlocker.sk (You need to copy and paste this link). You can also download compressed movies from PutLocker SK site. Watch Movie at best quality possible on Putlocker SK. You can also download any movie in the least time possible from Putlocker.sk site. All movies are available in excellent quality on Putlcoker sk site. You need to find a movie on Putlocker sk site, you want to download just by clicking on download button or also stream that movie online on Putlocker Proxy Site.putlocker movies

PutLocker rs

Putlocker rs is also one of the working Putlocker Proxy Site in the market. All latest movies are updated weekly on Putlocker.rs (You need to copy and paste this link) Proxy Site. You can download full HD Movies from PutLocker RS site. Movies on Putlocker rs site are available without any distractions of popup advertisements. From Putlocker rs site you can burn movies to DVD so that you can watch movies later offline too. You can share that burned to DVDs to your friends too.PutLocker SK


Putlockers AC movie site can help to get best movie entertainment ever. PutLocker.ac is the best movie search engine site to find any movie to download or stream online. Putlockers AC site will just search and give you the direct download link to any movie you want. All the free movies are also available on Putlockers AC site. This site also claims that they are not responsible for any content that hosted on the third-party sites.putlocker ac

PutLocker TV

PutlockerTV.se (You need to copy and paste this link) is one of the best site to watch movies and TV shows online. You can download movies on your computer from Putlocker TV or even you can also share it with your friends directly from your pendrive. You can also watch those downloaded movies on your TV or Android TV. Putlocker Tv has also got awesome list of thousands of movies of each genre so that you won’t be forced to watch only particular movies.putlocker tv

PutLocker IS

PutLocker Is is one of the best proxy site to stream movies online. On PutLocker.is site there is no need make an account or pay to download or surf any Movie or your favorite TV Show.  On Putlocker Is they have carefully handpicked each and every movie from various sources so that you the best story and best movie to enjoy. To download any movie from Putlocker IS site no paid membership is required you can watch any movie for absolutely free. You must know how much does netflix cost to stream movies online and you can even claim netflix free trial for a month for absolutely free to stream movies.putlocker is

Putlocker Today

PutLocker Today is got tremendous collection of TV Shows and Movies. Putlocker.Today is known because of its daily updates of Game of Thrones. There are more than 50+ Genre of movies available on Putlocker Today site. Main genre of Putlocker Today are Action, Thriller, Animation, Horror, Adventure, Short Films, FanFilms, Classics and last but not least is TV / Web Series.putlocker today

PutLockers HD

Putlockers HD site provides HD movies that are supported on PC, iPhones, IPAD, and Smartphones. PutLockerHD.co is a free outlocker proxy site. You can download any movie from any Putlockers HD download software or also through PutLockers HD inbuilt download extension. Putlockers HD also provides direct download links to movies which are still in theaters and you can also download the latest HD movies.putlockers hd


Putlocker9 site checks new releases every week and download link of that movie is available new movie comes into the theater. Putlocker9.com is considered as one of the best Putlocker proxy site. Putlocker9 thinks that latest released perfect movies to be watched by an individual and that make this as one of the best Putlocker Proxy Site. Movies are masterpieces, which everyone must have access and Putlocker9 does that work for us.. All movies are available on Putlocker9 site which you must not miss to watch on your next weekend.putlocker9

Putlocker IO

Putlocker IO is best proxy site provide the twist in the movies. Putlocker.io is the main source for the twist ending movies. Putlocker IO site has got the thriller collection of movies. You can download any thriller movies from Putlocker IO site. Putlocker IO site will give you all Twist Movies which will put you in shock and you will keep thinking about two days that which movie to watch next.putlocker io

Putlocker App

Putlocker App movie site is best than torrent movie download site. Putlockerapp.com site has got all latest movies. To download movies from Putlocker App downloader must be pre-installed on your pc. Its easy to download and watch any movie from Putlocker App, just you need search and select movie you want to watch or download.putlocker app

Putlocker BZ

On Putlocker BZ you need to make the account to stream any movie online on your mobile. Putlocker.BZ site will charge you nothing to download any movie. Many free movies are available on Butlocker BZ site. You will also get free list of movies to watch on Putlocker BZ Site. You can download any movie free from Putlocker BZ for absolutely free.

Putlocker US

Low quality movies are also available on PutLocker US. On Putlocker.US.com proxy site it is easy and simple to download any movie, just click on the download button and movie download will begin in few seconds. Putlocker US proxy site has got simple interface so that even a baby can stream movies on this site. All latest movies are updated in time to time o Putlocker US site. Hence you won’t miss any latest movies on Putlocker US site.putlocker us


You must subscribe to Putlocker123 WhatsApp broadcast because they broadcast download link of all latest movies. All format movies are available on Putlocker123.stream proxy site. Putlocker123 site would save your maximum internet data while downloading any movie. You can also watch any movie online on Putlocker123 site.putlocker123

Putlockers FM

PutLocker FM site is best known for its huge collection of free movies. PutLocker.fm site will provide you a 720 pixel format of each and every movie. Each format of every movie is updated regularly on Putlockers FM site. To download movies from Putlockers FM site, just you need to face some pop up ads and your download will begin soon. This Putlockers FM site will help you to get the best entertainment possible from movies.putlocker fm


PutLocker1 provides one of the best records of all movies. You can watch any movie on PutLocker1.fit site without going through any sites. You can also download any movie from PutLocker1 site. You can also download all movies automatically, easily from PutLocker1 Software. All movies are available in the best quality on PutLocker1 site. You can also download free mp3 music from this site also read that how to download most popular apple music editor Garageband for PC.putlocker1



Putlockers2 is one of the best proxy site to watch movies online. Putlockers2.com is a free movie download site and you don’t require an account to stream movies online. You can watch any movie or TV series of your choice by genre, year, actor, rating or a release date. Putlockers2 indexes movie streaming services such as Openload and Nowvideo and provides all movies for free.putlockers2

PutLockers Live

PutLockers Live provides direct download links of all latest movies. PutLocker7.Live is available for Desktops, Mobile, Tablets and all video capable device. HD quality movies are available on Putlockers Live as soon as they are available in the market. Low advertisement and no logs is the main motto of PutLockers Live Proxy Movie site. PutLockers Live website provides you the latest HD movies, we got all types of genre on Putlockers Live site.putlocker live

Putlockers Power

Putlockers Power is one of the best site to download and watch movies online for free. Download and watch movies at excellent quality on Putlockers Power site. It is considered as one of the best proxy site to watch criminal case movies. Putlockers Power site will help you to save movies about your own morality and values. Classics movies are best available on Putlockers movie site.


Best HD Movies are available on Putlockers.sexy Proxy Site. Pulockers.sexy site is the best site download and stream full HD movies. From Putlocker Proxy site you can stream movies and TV Series free and without registration. On this Putlocker proxy site you’ll find best movie quality direct download link all over the internet. It scrolls hundred of movie download sites daily to update their movie list from best movie sources.putlockers sexy


It is also one of the best putlocker proxy site to watch latest movies online. Putlocker.chat site looks same as other putlockers movie sites. It is my one of the favorite Putlocker proxy site. On this site you can stream movies in high quality for free without annoying of advertising, you can also download movies. You can also download subtitles to your pc to watch movies offline.putlockers chat

So this was the whole list of 20 best Putlocker Proxy sites to download and watch movies online. Use chrome browser to stream movies online from this site, use internet download manager to download movies from these putlocker movie sites and use UC browser if you want to download movies on your mobile from this sites. If any of the site isn’t working properly then let us know in comment section below.

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