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PutLocker.ac is one of the best PutLocker Proxy Site to watch movies online. PutLocker AC is one of the latest PutLocker working Site. Downloading movies always takes time and hence PutLocker.ac site is always best option to watch movies online for absolutely free, without any registration and without subscribing any services. You must know the Premium Netflix Price you need to pay to watch century old movies and TV Shows but on PutLocker AC site you will get all latest collection of movies and TV and that’s too absolutely free. PutLocker.RS and PutLocker.SK are also the part of this PutLocker Proxy Site network.putlocker ac

PutLocker.ac & 20 Other PutLockers Sites to Watch Movies Online

If your ISP has blocked putlocker.ac, then refer to working PutLockers Sites.

*Each PutLocker Proxy site will be blocked after some days hence Bookmark this page if you want to refer to working Putlocker Sites in future.

  • putlockerss.cc
  • putlockertv.se
  • putlocker.ac
  • putlocker.rs
  • putlocker.sk

PutLocker.ac is part of original PutLocker Proxy Site network. Every month one PutLocker Site get blocked in some other country and PutLocker announces new putLocker site in that country and PutLocker AC site is also one of the parts of this network.

As per my experience, PutLocker.ac site is one of the best PutLocker Site to stream movies online. PutLocker AC site updates latest released movies daily so that we couldn’t miss any latest movie and we do not spend any money on tickets and popcorns to watch latest movies in a theatre.  Even preview of movies and TV shows are also available on PutLocker Ac site. There are numbers of server options also available on PutLocker AC site so that we can enjoy movies without buffering.

To any movie on PutLocker AC site just you need to search for that movie, select the resolution, select the best server and start streaming your favorite movie online. Reviews and IMDB of all movies are also listed in the description of that movie so that you just didn’t end up your time by watching any boring or uninterested movies.

Types of Movies Available on PutLocker AC Site

Thriller Movies

Everyone like the twist in the movies and thriller movies are known for their twists ending movies. You will find the great collection of Thriller Movies on PutLocker AC site. If you love watching twist in the movies then PutLocker AC is the best option to watch Thriller Movies online.putlocker.ac download movies

War Movies

If you love fights and wars then PutLocker had got the special genre of such action movies. War and Battle make movies interesting and hence almost ninety percent of the audience love such movies.  Dunkirk, The 300 Spartan, BattleShip, The Last Ship, Aliens and many movies are available on PutLocker AC site.putlocker ac

Horror Movies

Horror Movies are best known for its secret suspense story and hence new horror movies are released every week around the globe. Audience loves such crazy suspense movies and if you too love watching horrors then you won’t find a better option then PutLocker AC. If you stay curious about the story of the movie rather than action or characters then the collection of these genre movies on PutLocker.AC will keep entertaining you in great ways. putlocker.ac tv series

Sci-Fi Movies

Science Fictions are the best motivation for the young generation to bring the advance technology evolution. Sci-Fi Alien Attacks, Sci-Fi advanced robotic movies works best on box office. And hence you must watch Sci-FI movies on PutLocker RS site. PutLocker RSmsite has got the best collection of Sci-FI movies.

Criminal Movies

If you like watching criminal case movies then PutLocker AC site will help you a lot. Movies on PutLocker.ac site are about morality and values, which will develop a good human from your inside. Criminal case movies will make you realize that always criminals are born due circumstances.

How to Download Movies from PutLocker.AC Site

You can also download movies from PutLocker.AC site with the help of some third-party downloader or you must try torentz sites to download movies. You might find it difficult to download movies from PutLocker AC site, hence we have got this step by step tutorial to download the movie from PutLocker.ac Site.

First of all, you must install any download manager on your device for consistence download speed. You may try IDM or any other download manager.


*If have downloaded IDM, then once restart your browser. Next time if you will download anything from your browser then it will be downloaded via IDM.

Now visit https://putlocker.ac (You need to copy and paste the link) movie download site, Now search for the movie you want to download, Let’s search for The Last Ship 2.

There were a lot of TV Series released with the name The Last Ship, to confirm that you want to download The Last Ship 2 released in 2014 first check the year of release in movies description.

Now if you have installed IDM correctly on your PC and if you can also see IDM extension installed on your chrome, if you will play any video online then you will see Overlay of Download Video through IDM. As you will click on Download through IDM then your download will begin in few seconds.

So this was all about PutLocker AC site. You can stream as well as download all movies from PutLocker.AC Site. Even all TV Series and Web Series are also uploaded on PutLocker.AC Site.

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