How To Hack Android Games Without Root (For Unlimited Coins/Rewards)


How to hack Android Games Without Root? Do you want to hack your favorite game and obtain unlimited coins? Do you want to hack Clash Of Clans/ Mini Militia/ Subway Surfer and many more games?

Hello Guys welcome to WildTricks. Today we are back with one of the most interesting topic, How to hack Android Games without root? Whenever it comes to hacking then it is something related to stealing information or it is something like we are breaking some rules and regulation of Games and its totally illegal. Here we are going to discuss methods to hack to Android Games for unlimited coins or rewards. And here also we are breaking the rules and going against terms and conditions of Games. This article is published for educational purpose only.

We are going to discuss how to hack Android Games such as Mini Militia, Clash Of Clans(COC), Subway Surfer and many more. Whenever we play games such as Mini Militia, COC or any other competitive game then we become actually addictive to that game. Because in that game we compete with our friends and that’s the different level enjoyment. But one more thing involve is competition, who wins?, who have higher number of trophies?, Who have higher number of Points?, Who is at the top level? and last but not the least is Who is the best? We always find it difficult and time consuming process to go to next level of game.

Sometimes games such as Clash of Clans required lot of time and lot of points to upgrade to the next level and that’s too irritating and too much time consuming. We want to jump to the next level within couple of few seconds and hence we want modded version of that game so that we can reach to the top within couple of few hours. In games like Mini Militia we need to pay for Pro Pack hence using hack of mini militia we can directly activate pro pack without paying.

Some users might be keen to know whether it is possible to hack games? Then it is absolutely Yes! Due to open source android, nowadays we can do anything we want with any android apps but it required deep knowledge of Android OS for hacking any app.

Today we are going to discuss 2 simple methods to hack android games to claim unlimited points or to level up. This are very simple and easy methods and doesn’t required and knowledge of Android OS and it also doesn’t required root. Just you need to download some app in your mobile and that’s to simple.

Hack Android Games Using Lucky Patcher App:

Lucky Patcher is app to edit any android application. Using Lucky Patcher you can easily edit any android application hence you can easily hack any android game using Lucky Patcher App. Lucky Patcher application is also supported by non rooted device.

Using Lucky Patcher you can remove license verification of any android game or app, remove Google ads from any app or game, change the game components and manually edit any game. You can also form Clone Application using which you can use 2 same games in one android device.

Using Lucky Patcher app you can also move any game data to SD card and manually you can also take backup of data of game.

How to Hack Android Games using Lucky Patcher:

Download Lucky Patcher Apk:

  1. Download and install Lucky Patcher in android device.
  2. Open Lucky Patcher App.
  3. List of installed app and games will appear.
  4. Now select Android Game or App you want to hack.
  5. Now set of options like App info, Launch App, Open Menu of Patches, Tools, Uninstall App and Manage App will appear.
    • App Info: This will give you complete information about App. Like where is the apk file of App, in which root directory app data is stored, Dalvik Cache and permissions allotted to app.
    • Manage the App: This option will directly redirect you to system inbuilt options of uninstalling app, clear data/ caches and many more.
  6. Click on Open Menu of Patches(For Hacking Purpose).
  7. You will be asked to create modified apk file for that app.
  8. Now set of Option will appear as below:
    • CustomPatch-applied Apk.
    • Apk without License Verification.
    • Apk without Google Ads
    • Apk rebuilt for InApp LVL emulation.
    • Apk with changed Permissions and Activities
  9. First Option of Custom Patch-applied Apk is available for some apps only. This option will completely hack the game and give you all possible benefits while playing any game. Like hack of mini militia game will consists of :
    • Pro Pack
    • One shot kill
    • Unlimited Health
    • Unlimited flying power
    • No reload
  10. Apk Without License Verification is one of the best option. For example if you downloaded paid apps for free from web but that app isn’t opening in your device then this option will resolve this issue.
  11. Option of Apk without Google Ads will remove all google ads from any app. For example Google Ads are very annoying in Study Apps hence this option will resolve your issue.
  12.  Option of Apk rebuilt for InApp LVL emulation is best option if you manually want to hack any app. You must give try to this option if you didn’t find any relevant option.
  13. Apk with changed Permissions and Activities. Using this option you can edit and manually disallow any permission like no data access. You must give try to this option and see what permissions are permitted to your favorite GAME. You can edit all listed permissions.

Hack Android Games using Game Killer App:

Game killer App is one of the best App to hack any android game with most simplest interface. Through this app you can hack popular games like COC, Mini militia, Subway Surfer and many more. You must give a try to Game killer app works for you or not.

How to Hack Android Games Using Game Killer App:

  1. Download Game Killer app.
  2. Open Killer App in your android.
  3. Now the list of the games you can hack using Game Killer will appear.
  4. Select the Game you want to hack.
  5. You can hack any game and obtain unlimited Gems or Coins.

So this was all about how to hack android device without root. Do share your views in comment section below if this methods worked for you or not. You can also directly download and hacked or modded game apk directly from web also.

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